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Before you create an Agenda, you must first create a category. This article will show you how to add a category. 

Important Note

  • We recommend that each group in the Agenda Center has its own category.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Agenda Center
  2. Click Add Category on the right-hand side
  3. Fill in Properties fields
    • Name: Name of the agenda category that appears on the Agenda Center page
    • Description: Description that appears to give the public a brief description of the category they are requesting agenda information
      • Note: This section can also set expectations when notifications go out
    • Email List: Allow the public to receive email notifications when a new agenda posts
    • Allow Subscribers: Allows the public to subscribe to auto-notifications in Notify Me
    • Allow SMS: Sends text messages to the subscribers
    • Heading: Creates the category headers
      • If the Category Heading you wish to use does not appear, select Other from the drop-down list. A text box will appear where a new category heading title can be entered.
        • Note: These may not be turned on by default for your site. Contact Support to turn headings on or off. It is very important to note that if you add category headers after categories are created, categories could potentially be lost. Headings will not appear on the front end of your CivicPlus site if there is not a published agenda in that category.
    • Pin to Top: Will move the category and any other category with the same header, to the top of the Agenda Center on the public side
    • Show Archives: Will create a Show Archive for the category on the back-end of your site
    • Add Agenda RSS Behavior: Choose to include, do not include, or always ask to include in the RSS Feed
    • Modify Agenda RSS Behavior: Choose to include, do not include, or always ask to modify in the RSS Feed
    • Associated Archive Category: Use the drop-downs to select the categories that the published agendas and minutes may copy in the Archive Center
    • Rules & Alerts: To create rules, please visit our Add Rules and Alerts to a Category article
    • Permissions: Assign group permissions (Permission Levels in the Agenda Center have different abilities than in other modules.)
      • Author: Has the permission to create agenda items to go in the agenda but does not have permission to create an agenda
      • Publisher: Can take the approved agenda items from the Authors, as well as any default agenda items and create the agenda
        • Note: Publishers can only save and submit agendas for approval, cannot publish completed agendas to the public site.
      • Owners: Have administrator rights for their group agenda categories
        • The Owner and System Administrator can publish a completed agenda to the front side of your site; the Owner has the right to override any workflow rules that exist for that agenda category if that selection was made in Permissions.
  4. Scroll to the top and select Save Changes or Save and Publish
    • Save Changes: Saves changes, does not publish
    • Save and Publish: Saves changes, publishes to public view
  5. Add information for the following tabs:

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