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Add Rules and Alerts to a Category

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This article will show you how to add rules and alerts when creating a category. 



  1. Modify an Agenda Center Category

  2. Scroll down and select Add New Rule 

  3. Enter the information
    • Select the number of Days, Weeks, or Months that if no action is taken on an agenda item an alert will be sent
    • In the “after” drop-down field, choose the item action associated with the rule:
      • item is submitted
      • item is postponed
      • item is declined
      • item is returned to submitted
    • In the “and” drop-down field, choose what will create an alert email:
      • No Other Criteria: Will automatically send an email after the specified time and action
      • No Action Taken: After the agenda has been submitted, postponed, or declined and there has been no action an email will be sent
    • To: Enter the email address to be notified
    • Message: Enter the message or instructions for the email recipient

  4. Click Add New Rule to open another rule editor box for the creation of additional rules as needed

  5. Select Save Changes if updating an existing category or continue creating the new category

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