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This article will show you how to remove "amended" from an agenda.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Agenda Center
  2. Select the category from the Categories section on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Select the Agendas tab
  4. Click Actions next to the agenda you wish to modify
  5. Select Modify 
  6. Make modifications
    • Meeting Date: Enter a date for the meeting
    • Upload an agenda: Select if you want to upload a pre-existing agenda from your computer
    • Description: Provide a brief description
    • Link to Media (optional): Paste a link to external or Media Center media
      • Open in new window: Select to open the link in a new window
    • Media Type: Indicate whether the media is Video or Audio
    • Header and Footer: Edit or review the default header and footer
    • Approved and Default Items: Drag-and-drop items into the agenda
      • Indent items from the previous item to become a sub-item of the previous item on the agenda and numbered accordingly.
      • To change an item’s location on the agenda workbench, click on the item and drag and drop it to the new location. The item will then be renumbered accordingly.
      • To remove an item from the agenda, click the item and drag it back to the Approved or Default Items section.
  7. Select Save at the top of the page
  8. Prompt will appear to Save the agenda to show as amended or not
    • Show as Amended: Makes the amended date show on the front end; adds a previous version to the history
    • Don't Show as Amended: Keeps the agenda  for the published date; will not add a previous version to the history


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