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This article will show you how to import Subscribers for the Alert Center.

File Format Rules

The file must be a text file with a file name extension ".txt" or ".csv".

Format Rules:

  • Fields must be tab or comma-delimited.
  • Each record should be placed on a separate line.
  • All fields must be present, even if empty.
  • Only the SMS Number may be empty.
  • Blank lines are allowed/ignored.
  • Duplicate entries will be ignored.

Fields (In Order):

  1. Email Address - Limited to 255 characters.
  2. SMS Number - Should be empty, or in formats ########## or ###-###-####.
  3. Subscription Type - Limited to values "email", "sms", "both" (without quotes).


  • New subscribers will receive HTML emails.
  • Existing subscribers will keep their format preference.
  • Existing subscriptions will not be removed.

Important Note

  • Ensure to allow subscribers to the category.
  • Importing subscribers will send a confirmation out to those being imported and they will not show in the list until they confirm. There is an option to bypass this via a prompt. If this option is not showing for you please contact us.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Alert Center
  2. Select the category you would like to import subscribers to
  3. Select Go to Subscribers
  4. Select Import Subscriptions 
  5. Click Choose File to find and open a file from your computer
  6. Locate and Open your .CSV/.TXT file
  7. Click Import File
    • Skip Confirmation: Certify that the users have already manually confirmed to receive communication for this list
  8. View imported users

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