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This article will show you how to modify an existing item. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content Alert Center
  2. Choose a category
  3. Find the alert you wish to modify
  4. Select Actions > Modify
  5. Change the information
    • Title: Title of the alert
    • Brief Description: Brief description of the alert; you are limited to 250 characters
    • Full Description: The full description of the alert
    • Updates: Select Add Update to add an update
    • Alert Bar: Choose if you would like the alert to display in the Alert Bar on no pages, all pages, or only the Home Page
    • Alert Bar Text: Name that appears on the Alert Bar
      • Note: Leaving “Emergency Alert” does not override the alert bar text, only custom text will override alert bar text.
    • Upload Image(s): Add related photos the alert
    • “Read On…” Text: Determine how the link will be displayed if there is a Full Description
    • Link(s): Add related links regarding this alert; click the plus sign to the right of the Display Text to add additional links
    • Alert Starts: When the alert will display on the front-end of the website
    • Alert Ends: When the alert will end on the front-end of the website
  6. Choose a saving option
    • Save Changes: Will save your changes without publishing to the live site
    • Save & Send: Will save your changes and notify subscribers
      • A notification window will open; your options to send the notification include:
        • Subject: Add a brief subject line
        • Comments: Attach a brief description of the alert
        • Mobile Text/Push Message: Attach a message to the SMS notification
        • Include link to item: Provides a link to the item within the SMS message for a user to select via their mobile device
        • Send
          • On Start Date: Sends the item on the start date previously set
          • Immediately: Sends the alert immediately
        • Select Send, Don’t Send, or Cancel: The notification will then send accordingly to those who have signed up in Notify Me for the selected Alert Center category
    • Save & Submit: Will save your changes and submit them for approval (only visible to Authors)
    • Cancel: Will delete the changes you made

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