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This article will show you how to create an Activity in CivicEngage.

Important Note

  • CivicEngage does not have a "Shopping Cart" for the Facilities or Activities module. This means you cannot bulk register or reserve in the module, you will need to do one registration/reservation at a time. For this functionality, please review our CivicRec option.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Activities
  2. Select the category you want to add an activity to
  3. Select Add Activity
  4. Fill in the activity information on the form
    • Name: Name of the activity
    • Activity Code: Code for city activity, usually matched with an Activity Brochure (optional)
    • Default Facility: Ties to the Facilities Module
    • Default Address: Address of Facility
    • Brief Description: Short description of the activity
    • Full Description: Provide a general description of the activity
      • Note: Remember to include a list of necessary equipment, prerequisites, or any other activity-specific requirements.
    • Contact Information
      • Contact Name: Add First and Last Name
      • Contact Email: Add primary email
      • Contact Phone Number: Add a primary phone number
      • Other Phone Number: Add a secondary phone number
    • Registration Information 
      • Allow Online Registration: Allow registration to be made on the public side of the module
      • Registration Fee(s): Users will select their relevant fee on the registration form
      • Fee Taxable: Allow taxation on registration Fee
      • Default Age Range: Use the sliders to create a default age range
      • Default Max Participants: Enter maximum participants; leave blank for unlimited
      • Allow Waitlist: Allow users to sign up for a waitlist when the max participants limit for this activity is reached
      • Default Waitlist Email: Message will send to this email address when someone is added to a waitlist
    • Additional Details - Display: Choose when this activity will be display to public view
  5. Choose a Save option at the top of the page
    • Save & Add Session: Allows you to save automatically and begin work on another new session
    • Save: Save changes and continue on to the Registration Form

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