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This article will show you how to create a new registration form.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Activities
  2. Select the category you would like the form to be under
  3. Select the activity you would like the registration form to be under, or create a new activity
  4. Once the activity is open, select View Registration Form
  5. Fill in the Registration Form
    • Type: Type of form
      • Regular: Allows registration form to be submitted without a form of payment, or payment can be made at a later time
      • ePayment: Allows registration form to be submitted only after paying the registration fees through the ePayment module
    • Submit Options: Allows you to choose how the form is submitted
      • Submit and Print: Allows user to submit the form via email and print the form as a copy
      • Submit: Allows user to submit the form via email
      • Print: Allows the user to print the form as a hard-copy
    • Enable Recaptcha: Requires users to select a checkbox prior to form submission; enabling this option will reduce the ability for bots to submit forms
    • Submit To: Submissions will be sent to email(s) provided
    • Field Types: Drag additional fields below for more information on the form
      • Note: The first four form rows cannot be removed or modified
      • Short Answer: Allows user to provide short answer
      • Checkboxes: Allows user to checkboxes 
      • Radio Buttons: Allows user to select a button 
      • Reply Email: Allows user to add their preferred email address to reply to
      • Date/Time: Allows user to add a date and time
      • Image: Allows you to add an image
      • Text: Allows you to add additional text to the form
      • Long Answer: Allows user to add long answer
      • Dropdown: Allows user to choose from a drop-down menu
      • Section Break: Allows you to add a section break in the form 
      • Page Break: Allows you to continue on a new page
      • File Upload: Allows user to upload a file to the form
      • Link: Allows you to add a link to the form
  6. Select Save Changes


Information submitted on this form will be sent via email. To protect sensitive information, do not request the following information on any forms: Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, medical information, passport numbers, and passwords.

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