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This article will show you how to create a new registration form.


Information submitted on this form will be sent via email. To protect sensitive information, do not request the following information on any forms:

  • Bank account information
  • Driver's license numbers
  • Medical information
  • Passport numbers
  • Passwords
  • Routing numbers
  • Social Security numbers


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Activities
  2. Select the category you would like the form to be under
  3. Select the activity you would like the registration form to be under, or create a new activity
  4. Once the activity is open, select View Registration Form
  5. A pop-up will appear that says Your changes will be saved before being taken to the registration form. Do you want to continue?; click OK
  6. Fill in the Registration Form
    • Type: Type of form
      • Regular: Allows registration form to be submitted without a form of payment, or payment can be made at a later time
      • ePayment: Allows registration form to be submitted only after paying the registration fees through the ePayment module
    • Submit Options: Allows you to choose how the form is submitted
      • Submit and Print: Allows user to submit the form via email and print the form as a copy
      • Submit: Allows user to submit the form via email
      • Print: Allows the user to print the form as a hard-copy
    • Enable Recaptcha: Requires users to select a checkbox prior to form submission; enabling this option will reduce the ability for bots to submit forms
    • Submit To: Submissions will be sent to email(s) provided
    • Field Types: Drag additional fields below for more information on the form
      • Note: The first four form rows cannot be removed or modified.
      • Short Answer: Allows user to provide a short answer
      • Checkboxes: Allows user to checkboxes
      • Radio Buttons: Allows user to select a button
      • Reply Email: Allows user to add their preferred email address to reply to
      • Date/Time: Allows user to add a date and time
      • Image: Allows you to add an image
      • Text: Allows you to add additional text to the form
      • Long Answer: Allows user to add a long answer
      • Dropdown: Allows user to choose from a drop-down menu
      • Section Break: Allows you to add a section break in the form
      • Page Break: Allows you to continue on a new page
      • File Upload: Allows user to upload a file to the form
      • Link: Allows you to add a link to the form
  7. Select Save Changes

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