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Agenda Center Overview


The Agenda Center offers an easy way to create and display agendas for various civic organizations. The Agenda Center can create agenda templates for repeated use, workflows to ensure agenda accuracy, and the ability to enter minutes directly into each agenda. This functionality is combined with the ability to customize both the creation and organization of the Agenda Center.

The Agenda Center main page appears displaying all categories that have been created for each group, along with any agenda categories within those groups. From this main page, new categories can be created. Properties are also set for the Agenda Center itself and permissions given to various groups for the Agenda Center. 


Important Note

  • The name of the Agenda Center can be customized depending on local needs and will be explained later in this document. 





  • Reduce redundant work by creating agenda templates
  • Customize the creation and organization of your agenda
  • Save time by entering minutes directly into each agenda
  • Create a one-stop-shop for the public to view agenda minutes, meeting videos, and downloads of agendas, minutes or complete packets 

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