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The Default Agenda Format section allows you to set the format of your agendas. Items that can be set up are item numbering styles, font styles and sizes, how far each sub-item is automatically indented from the previous item, and spacing from the bottom item to the next item. Once the default format is set, the format will then pass to all new agenda categories.  However, when you create a new category, this format can be overwritten if the need arises. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Agenda Center
  2. Navigate to the Properties tab
  3. Navigate to the Default Agenda Format tab
  4. Select the part of the Agenda you would like to change and an edit box will appear on the right
    • Font (Arial): Choose your font style
    • Font Size (8): Select your font size
    • B/I/U: Choose to bold, italicize, and/or underline your text
    • Font Color (Black box): Select the color of your text
    • Paragraph Style (Normal): Choose how your font looks
    • Indentation: Enter your indent spacing
    • Bottom Spacing: Enter your bottom spacing
    • Width: Enter the width of the text area
    • Apply these custom label styles to this level and all levels under it: Select this to push down your modified font styles to all of this agenda's sub-levels
  5. Click Apply
    • Note: You do not need to click Apply when you edit bullet styles.
  6. Select Save Changes at the top of the page 

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