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Packet Generation Error


A packet generation error can occur due to a corrupted file but generally happens because there is a special character in the file name of the named document. The PDF and HTML version are available, but the packet fails to create until published with all documents recognized and working. This article will show you how to fix this error.

Important Notes

When you publish an agenda in the Agenda Center module and receive an error that the system could not generate the packet, the error message should indicate which file is causing the error. Please pay attention to the document listed in the error message. 


  1. Identify the item with the attached document and remove it from the agenda
  2. Rename your file on your computer
  3. Create a new item and attach the renamed document
  4. Add this new item to the agenda and publish to generate your packet

Best Practice

For best practices, we recommend that all filenames used throughout the site (including folders, documents, and images) contain no spaces and use only the dash '-' character if needed. Any other special characters may create a conflict. 

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