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This article will show you how to upload an agenda that exists outside of CivicEngage.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Agenda Center
  2. Select the category you would like to upload the agenda to
  3. Select Add Agenda
  4. Check the Upload Agenda checkbox
  5. Select OK to the Warning pop-up
    • Note: The pop-up says: "Warning: Any items that you have saved to this agenda will be removed and replaced by the agenda that you upload. Would you like to continue?"
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Choose File to select the agenda from your computer
    • Note: Click Convert to PDF if you want your file to upload as a PDF file (an image).
  7. Select a file from your computer and click Open
  8. Fill in the rest of the Agenda fields
    • Meeting Date: Input a date for the meeting
    • Override Posted Date and Time: Specify a date and time if you wish to override this
      • Note: If blank, the actual publish date and/or time will be used.
      • Warning: Some state laws may require this not be altered.
    • Description: Briefly describe the meeting
      • Note: There is a 255 character limit
    • Link to Media (optional): Provide a link to external media
      • Click Open in new window if you want the link to open in a new Internet window
    • Media Type: Indicate whether or not your Link to Media source is Video or Audio
      • Note: This determines the icon the system uses to link to the media.
    • Upload File - For Minutes: Allows you to upload minutes to the agenda
  9. Select Save and Publish or Save at the top of the page
    • Save: Saves your changes but will not become publicly viewable
    • Save and Publish: Saves changes and makes the agenda publicly viewable
  10. A notification window will open; your options to send the notification include:
    • Subject: Subject heading for the notification
    • Comments: Attach a brief description of new agenda (1000 character limit)
      • Send
        • On Meeting Date: Sends the agenda on the meeting date previously set
        • Immediately: Sends the agenda immediately
        • X Number of Days in Advance: Enter the number of days prior to the meeting date to send the agenda
    • Send/Don't Send/Cancel: Send or do not send accordingly to those who have signed up in Notify Me for the selected Agenda category

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