Alert Center


Alert Center Overview


The Alert Center graphically shows when there is an emergency/important notification in the area. You can enable the alert and post updates to the alert. You can choose from multiple looks/layouts for your website to display the module. Notifications or updates can be sent out through email and/or text messages from the Notify Me module.


  • Alert your constituents of any emergencies
  • Easily update the details of existing alerts
  • Display the alerts in a variety of ways 
  • Add the Alert Widget to your site pages


Alert Center


Alert Bar


  • Note: The alert bar should be used in emergencies. You can choose to enable the Alert Bar for All Pages or Homepage Only.

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Article Feedback

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    Vivienne Uccello

    Please add visuals to represent the different display options.

  • Avatar
    Tjoelker, Michael

    Agreed with Vivienne. I believe the following visual(s) would be helpful:
    - how the alert bar looks across the top of the website
    - how an alert post looks like on the frontend Alert Center page; including multiple updates on the item

  • Avatar
    Becca Drake

    Hi Vivienne and Michael,
    I have added some images to display the Alert Bar, as well as how the alert appears in the Alert Center on the public side. I hope these help you visualize The Alert Center to better use it for your organizations! Thank you for reaching out. I hope you both have a great week.

  • Avatar
    Tjoelker, Michael

    This looks great; thanks for adding those so quickly!

  • Avatar
    Vivienne Uccello

    Thank you! That looks great!