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This article will show you how to turn on the Emergency Alert Bar. The Bar will appear on your front-end site.

Important Notes

  • You must enable the Alert Bar on the Category Level first before you can turn on the Alert Bar for an item.
  • If there are multiple published alerts with the Alert Bar enabled, the alert with the most recent Start Date will appear first and control the Alert Bar Text and Link.
    • If there are multiple published alerts with the same Start Date, the most recently modified will appear first.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Alert Center 
  2. Select the category you would like to use
  3. Click Actions next to the desired item
  4. Select Modify
  5. Scroll down to Alert Bar and choose where you would like the Alert Bar to display
    • None: Alert bar displays on no pages
    • All Pages: Alert bar displays on all site pages
    • Home Page Only: Alert bar only displays on the home page
    • Department page and subpages: Alert will display on specified page and all subpages of that page
  6. Under Alert Bar Text, add the name of the alert that appears on the alert bar
    • Note: Leaving “Emergency Alert” does not override the alert bar text. Only custom text will override alert bar text. 
    • Note: Text limit of 20 characters.
  7. Change the Alert Bar Link, if desired
    • Note: Leaving “/AlertCenter.aspx” does not override the alert bar link, only a custom relative or absolute link will change where the main Alert Bar area directs.
  8. Scroll under Additional Details to Alert Starts and select options
    • Alert Starts/Ends: Choose a date and time you would like to start/end the alert 
  9. Scroll to the top and choose Save Changes or Save and Send
    • Save Changes: Save changes as a draft
    • Save and Send: Save changes and send a notification to subscribers

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