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The Archive Center is a module that stores any recurring dated documentation, such as budgets, newsletters, press releases, or anything that you might want to search for by the year, excluding meeting documents. 

Our Archive Center allows citizens to search for documents on the client's website by category (ex. City Council Agendas), keywords, date range, or by time period. 

The Archive Center lists the documents in date order with the most recent at the top of the list. The Archive Center is different from Automatic Archiving because the documents in the Archive Center are the final documents that you want the public to sort through.

It is also different from the Document Center. The Document Center is for one-time document versions, like a job application. In the Document Center, you would only want the public to see the current job application, not the previous versions of that job application.

The Archive Center refers to the general hub that stores all archives, whereas the term archive refers to a single archive for a specific set of documents (ex. Annual Water Quality Report archive).

The Archive Center also houses regularly recurring documents, which are documents that distribute regularly by date. Examples would be weekly reports, monthly newsletters, quarterly program guides, annual budgets, etc.


  • Organize items (documents/files) by category such as Council/Commission agendas and minutes or by name and date of meeting or publication
  • Provide hyperlinks to the most recent archived item or all archived documents, to reduce phone calls and foot traffic 
  • Provide easy access and retrieval of date-sensitive documents
  • Set the Archive Category and/or Items to auto-publish/unpublish

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