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This article will show you how to add an item to an Archive Center category. 


  1. Select Modules > Content > Archive Center
  2. Select Choose an Action > Add Item next to your desired category
  3. Fill in the fields
    • Display Name: Name the item
    • Archive Date: Meeting or publication date; the system sorts items by this date
    • Description: Brief description of the item
    • Start Display: Enter a start display date to auto-publish the category
      • Note: Leave blank to publish immediately after you save. 
    • End Display: Enter an end display date to auto-unpublish
      • Note: Leave blank to indicate no end display date; you must un-publish manually. 
    • Opens In: Determines if the item will open in a new window
      • Note: We recommend archive items open in a new window. 
    • Show Archives: Leave as default (Yes)
    • File Upload & Convert to PDF: These options will be available if you fill out Display Name and Archive Date
  4. Scroll to the top and click Save 

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