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This article will show you how to create a Category in the Blog module. 



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Blog

  2. Click on Add Category at the top of the page

  3. Fill in fields
    • Blog Name: Name you wish to give your blog
    • Description: Add a brief description of the blog
    • Image: Add an image to your blog
    • Blog Header: Create a header on your blog
    • Comments Option
      • No comments: No users can comment on blogs
      • Moderated: Comments can be posted, but require approval first
      • Unmoderated: Comments can be posted freely
    • Allow Subscribers: Select yes or no to whether or not users can subscribe to the blog
    • Show Archives: Allows users to view archived blog posts
    • Email List: Controls if users are able to subscribe to email notifications
    • Add Item RSS Behavior Modify Items RSS Behavior
      • Always ask: Asks if you wish to include the new or modified item in RSS feeds
      • Do not include in RSS feed: Will not allow new or modified items to show in RSS feeds
      • Include in RSS: Always includes new or modified items in RSS feeds
    • Permissions: Fill out the permissions table as desired
      • Note: For information permissions, view Permissions User Guide.
      • Note: If a group is grayed out, that means the group has permissions at the module level, so you cannot change these at the category level.
      • View only allows users to view the blog, no editing permissions are allowed
    • Default Messages: Edit Default Messages for the Blog
      • Subscriber Welcome Message: Email that a subscriber receives when they first sign up
      • List Header: Text in the header (beginning) of a blog list
      • List Footer: Text in the footer (end) of a blog list

  4. Scroll to the top and select either Save and Publish or Save
    • Save: Saves your blog as an unpublished item
    • Save and Publish: Saves the blog and publishes it on the public end

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