Add a Calendar Event


  1. Go to Modules > Content > Calendar
  2. Select the calendar you would like to add an event to
  3. Select Actions
  4. Click Modify
  5. Ensure that Allow Subscribers is selected, if necessary
  6. Click Back
  7. Select Add Event(s)
  8. Fill in the fields
    • Title: title of the event 
    • Event Date: event date(s)
      • Single Event: Enter the start and end date in the box; if the event is only on one day, place the same date in both fields; you can also enter a start time and end time
        • Note: if you enter a start time, you must also enter an end time; if you do not have an end time, use the Time Details box to enter the start time for your event
      • Recurrence: set up the recurrence that works for your event; it will accept up to 52 recurrences; be sure to put the start and end date or the number of recurrences
        • Your events will be tied together, similar to Outlook; you will see a recurring icon next to the Event Name on the backend if it is part of a series
        • You will be prompted whenever you try to Modify, Delete, Publish, Unpublish, or Archive an even in a series to modify that event and following events or just the single event

    • Address: the address of the event; this will be able to link to a map 
    • Include Link to Map: check to include the link to a map; be sure to put a correct address in the fields above, the user will have an option to view a map of the location and obtain directions 
    • Open Map In New Window: check to open mapping options in a new window
    • Location: choose a facility where the event is taking place
    • Time Details: enter any special time details
    • Cost: enter if there is a cost associated with the event 
    • Description: enter a short description of the event
    • Photo: allows you to add a photo to the event calendar
    • Link: allows you to link to another page
    • Agenda Link: allows you to provide a link to the agenda associated with the event
    • Email: allows you to add a contact email
    • Display Text: allows you to add a description of the email address for the contact
    • Contact Phone: allows you to enter the phone number for the event
    • Related Calendars: allows you to relate the event to multiple calendars
    • Show Additional Details
      • Featured?: will place the event at the top of the calendar module; draws attention to the event(s)
      • ADA: allows you to tell whether the facility is handicapped accessible
      • Upload Content: allows you to upload content via HTML 
      • Details: this is an editor box, you can add any other information that you have not entered any other place on the screen
      • Related Documents: allows you to upload additional documents related to this event
      • Display: allows you to choose when the event displays 
      • Show in Widget: allows the event to be displayed in the calendar widget 
  9. Saving Options:
    • Save Changes: allows you to save changes made to be approved later
    • Save and Submit: allows you to save and submit for approval
    • Save and Publish: allows you to save and publish to the live site
  10. A pop-up will appear after the event is published; by either selecting Save and Publish or Save Changes to an already published event
  11. Choose if you would like to notify your subscribers
    • Comments: add additional comments 
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: add the text message
    • Include link to item: Provides a link to the item within the SMS message for a user to select via their mobile device.
    • Send: Will send a notification on the selected date
      • On Start Date: Select to notify your subscribers on the start date of the event
      • Immediately: Select to notify your subscribers immediately; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event (ex: an event occurs 52 times, a user will get 52 emails)
      • x Number of Days in Advance: Select to notify your subscribers a specified number of days prior to the event date; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event at the designated number of days in advance of the recurring event
    • Don't Send: Will save the event without sending a notification
    • Cancel: Will cancel the saving and allow you to make more modifications

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