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This article will show you how to import calendar subscribers.

Important Note

  • A subscriber import will send a confirmation out to those being imported and they will not show in the list until they confirm. There is an option to bypass this via a prompt, if this option is not showing for you please contact us.

Format Rules

File Format

  • The file must be a text file with a file name extension ".txt" or ".csv".

Format Rules:

  • Fields must be tab or comma delimited.
  • Each record should be placed on a separate line.
  • All fields must be present, even if empty.
  • Only the SMS Number may be empty.
  • Blank lines are allowed/ignored.
  • Duplicate entries will be ignored.

Fields (In Order):

  • Email Address: Limited to 255 characters.
  • SMS Number: Should be empty, or in formats ########## or ###-###-####.
  • Subscription Type: Limited to values "email", "sms", "both" (without quotes).


  • New subscribers will receive HTML emails.
  • Existing subscribers will keep their format preference.
  • Existing subscriptions will not be removed.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Calendar
  2. On the right-hand side, select the category you want to add subscribers to
  3. Ensure Allow Subscribers is selected
  4. Select the Go to Subscribers button in the right column
  5. Select Import Subscriptions
  6. Click Browse
  7. Locate and Open a .CSV or .TXT file from your computer
  8. Click Skip Confirmation Process if these users have already manually confirmed to receive communication for this list
    • Note: Subscribers are required to confirm their subscription prior to receiving notifications. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in loss of ability to send any notification through your website, or fines to your organization. If imported subscribers have already confirmed their request to receive your notifications, you may automatically confirm them Skip Confirmation Process.
  9. Click Import File
  10. View imported subscribers

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