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This article will show you how to make a recurring Calendar Event.

Important Note

  • Calendar events with a 12:00 AM start time or 11:59 PM end time will not show a time on the Calendar front end. If you do not enter an end time, the system defaults to 11:59 PM, but this does not appear on the back-end to avoid confusion that the event will show that time.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Calendar
  2. Select the category you would like to add the recurring calendar event to
  3. Select Add Event(s)
  4. Fill in the information
    • Title: Name the event
    • Event Date: Select Recurrence for multiple events in different dates
      • Start/End Time: Determine the start and end times for the events
      • Length of each event in recurrence: Choose how long the event occurs for
      • Recurrence: Choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly
      • Range of recurrences: Choose a timeframe for the recurring event
      • Note: You may add a recurring series for up to 52 recurrences of an event.
    • Location: Select a location for the event
    • Address: Enter address of the location
      • Note: Generally auto-populates after you enter the location.
      • Include link to map: Will include a map site with the even
      • Open map in new window: Select to open the online map in a different window
    • Time Details: Briefly describe the time details of the event
    • Cost: Cost of attendance
    • Description: Brief description of the event
    • Photo: Click Choose Image to drag-and-drop or select images from your computer
    • Link
      • Web Address: Paste a link to the event
        • Open in new window: Select to open the link in a different window
      • Display Text: Change how the link appears within your CivicEngage Event
    • Agenda Link: Provide a link for the agenda
      • Open in new window: Select to open the link in a different window
    • Email: Preferred contact email for the event
    • Contact Phone: Preferred contact phone for the event
    • Related Calendars: gives the ability to attach related calendars to the event
    • Additional Details
      • Featured?: Select to feature the event on your site
      • ADA: Select level of ADA compliance
      • Upload Content: Upload any additional materials
      • Details: Provide more details about the event
      • Related Documents: Upload any additional documents
      • Display: Choose the timeframe to publicly display the event
      • Show in Widget: Select to allow the event to display in Calendar widgets
  5. Scroll to the top of the page and select Save and Publish
  6. Choose if you would like to notify your subscribers
    • Subject: Auto-fills with the subject information
    • Comments: Add additional comments (1000 character limit)
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Add the text message
      • Include link to item: Provides a link to the item within the SMS message for a user to select via their mobile device.
    • Send: Will send a notification on the selected date
      • On Start Date: Select to notify your subscribers on the start date of the event
        • Note: The notification will send at the time of the event.
      • Immediately: Select to notify your subscribers immediately; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event (ex: an event occurs 52 times, a user will get 52 emails)
      • x Number of Days in Advance: Select to notify your subscribers a specified number of days prior to the event date; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event at the designated number of days in advance of the recurring event
        • Note: The notification will send x number of days in advance of the day/time of the event.
    • Don't Send: Will save the event without sending a notification
    • Cancel: Will cancel the saving and allow you to make more modifications

Note: Your events will tie together, similar to Outlook. You will see a recurring icon next to the Event Name on the back-end if it is part of a series.


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