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This article will tell you how to add a video to a channel.

Important Notes

  • After a video is uploaded to CivicMedia, the Video Hosting site encodes and optimizes the video for web streaming. This process will use space in addition to the video's original file size. The amount of space that is added depends on the resolution selected for the streaming video. Videos encoded at 720p will use more space than those encoded at 480p.
  • The default encoding resolution can be updated in the Properties tab of the CivicMedia module.
  • If you are broadcasting a video, it will not show until you start the live streaming. When you start the live streaming the video will show as the first video in the channel that is selected.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > CivicMedia™
  2. Under Channels on the right-hand side of the page, select the Channel you want to add the video to
  3. Select Add Video on the right
  4. Drag-and-drop or select a file to upload into the text box
  5. Click Continue
  6. Fill in the information
    • Name: Enter title for the video
    • Description: Create a brief description of the video
  7. Select Save on the right-hand side
  8. The encoding process will begin and continue to work even if you move onto a different area of the website
    • Note: The encoding process takes approximately one and a half times longer than the length of the video to complete when encoding within the system.
  9. After encoding, click Actions next to the video
  10. Select Publish

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    Lisa Putka

    Include how to add it to a page please

  • Avatar
    Stephen Blue

    ^^ This. Can't seem to get the video to cleanly embed in a page. Can't find the solution or best practice in help center.

  • Avatar
    Jackson Wright

    Hi -

    You can find information on how to embed a CivicMedia video into a page with our article here:

    Basically, you will grab the video's embed code and paste that embed code into a Custom HTML widget on your page.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team