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CivicSend can develop a custom message to send out to your subscribers and simultaneously post to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Important Notes

Publishers can only send messages in CivicSend for categories that they have permissions for. Authors cannot send messages, but they can save and submit them for approval.

Certain browser extensions, such as Grammarly, can cause issues with CivicSend messages by adding additional formatting code that is not evident during editing. This additional formatting may show up in the final message.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > CivicSend
  2. In the default New Message screen, enter a brief, descriptive Subject headingcivicsend_type_subject.jpg
  3. Select your desired Channel(s)
    • Email: Message will send via email
    • SMS/Text: Message will send via text/SMS
    • Facebook: Message will post to your Facebook page
      • Note: A pop-up window will appear and prompt you to sign in. You will not select your specific Facebook page information until later.
    • Twitter: Message will post to your Twitter feed
      • Note: A pop-up window will appear and prompt you to sign in. You will not select your specific Twitter account information until later.
  4. Choose the Message Type you want to send
    • Template: Allows you to add photos, text, columns, and customized layout
      • Note: This is primarily for Newsletters, Press Releases, etc.
    • Quick MessageAllows you to send a text-only message to your subscribers
      • Note: This is primarily for quick updates on closures, openings, and other messages that do not require photos or additional content.
  5. Select the Subscriber List you would like to send it to
    • Note: If you are selecting multiple lists, lists that have no new subscribers to add will not appear. 
      • Example: If you send a message and select the list with 50 people, including Bob and Karen, and then attempt to send to the list that only Bob and Karen are on, it will no longer be available to select.
  6. Select the Sender Name you would like this message to be sent from
  7. Select Continue
  8. Create your message based on message type (Template or Quick Message)
  9. Select Save & Continue
  10. Send Options
    • Send Test: Sends a test message to preview your content; a prompt window will appear to enter an email address for the test message
    • Print: Allows you to print the message
    • Schedule Your Message to be Sent Later: Allows you to schedule the message to send out at a future date and time
      • Note: Whenever a CivicEngage Send (CivicSend) message is scheduled, this schedule applies to all social media posts too.
    • Send Now: Sends the message now
      • Note: Remember to review your subscriber list before the message sends.

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