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This article will show you how to view where documents are linked.

Important Notes

  • Updates to this data take approximately 24 hours, so if you link a document you will not see it listed here until the next day.
  • The Relate Folder feature will not show up on this report.
  • The # Ref is not available for remotely hosted servers, such as Canadian BC sites.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Document Center
  2. Locate the desired document folder
  3. Select the # Ref displayed number
  4. A prompt will appear that shows where the document is referenced
    • Note: The areas that are included in this feature are the areas that are related to the page creation process. This includes the following:
      • Alert Center
      • Calendar
      • Editor Widget
      • FAQs
      • Graphic Links
      • Info Advanced
      • Legacy Editor Widget
      • Linked Pages
      • List Widget
      • News Flash
      • Quick Links
      • Related Documents Widget
      • Staff Directory
      • Table Widget
      • Text Widget

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