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Bid Postings Overview


The Bid Postings module lists bids by category (ex. Construction Services) but can be sorted by category, bid title, or by the closing date. Individual bids can:

  • Give descriptions 
  • Give date information
  • Give a contact person
  • Give miscellaneous information (see the example for all fields that can be used)
  • Attach related documents to the bid from the Document Center
  • Require Registration before Bid Documents are able to be accessed
  • Store the registrations in a Plan Holders list
  • Allow users to send addendum and other info directories to all registered plan holders

Web users can sign up for email and/or text message notifications every time a new bid is posted or if changes to a bid have been posted. Web users have to subscribe to the email and/or text message notifications by the category, not the individual bid. 



  • Organize Bids by category
  • Provide links to important information, related documents or additional job details, and reduce phone calls and foot traffic
  • Set Bids to auto-publish and/or unpublish

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