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This article will show you how to enable or disable the plan holders list.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Bid Postings
  2. Select the Plan Holders Form tab
  3. Select the desired setting for Use Plan Holders Feature (controls whether categories may require users to submit a form prior to viewing bid features)
    • Do not use: Will disable Plan Holders List functionality for the module; no form available
    • Require submission before viewing bid: Will require the audience to complete the Plan Holders List Form in order to view Bid item
    • Require submission before viewing Related Documents: Will require the audience to complete the Plan Holders List Form in order to download any document on a Bid item marked as a Related Document
  4. Modify the form using drag-and-drop for the field types desired (Note: Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are required and cannot be removed.)
    • Short Answer: Allows for a short answer
    • Long Answer: Allows for a long answer
    • Dropdown: Allows you to add drop-down options to choose from
    • Checkboxes: Allows you to add checkbox options to choose from
    • Radio Buttons: Allows you to add radio button options to choose from
    • Section Break: Adds a section break to the form
    • Reply Email: Allows a reply email to be entered
    • Date/Time: Allows a date/time on the form
    • File Upload: Allows files to be uploaded
    • Image: Allows an image to be added
    • Link: Allows the addition of a link
    • Text: Allows for a text section
  5. Saving Options
    • Save Changes: Will save the changes made
    • Cancel: Will delete the changes made

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