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This article will show you how to enable or disable the plan holders list.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Bid Postings
  2. Ensure that you have turned on the Use Plan Holders Feature option
  3. Select the Plan Holders Form tab
  4. Select the desired setting for Use Plan Holders Feature (controls whether categories may require users to submit a form prior to viewing bid features)
    • Do not use: Will disable Plan Holders List functionality for the module; no form available
    • Require submission before viewing bid: Will require the audience to complete the Plan Holders List Form in order to view Bid item
    • Require submission before viewing Related Documents: Will require the audience to complete the Plan Holders List Form in order to download any document on a Bid item marked as a Related Document
  5. Modify the form using drag-and-drop for the field types desired (Note: Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are required and cannot be removed.)
    • Short Answer: Allows for a short answer
    • Long Answer: Allows for a long answer
    • Dropdown: Allows you to add drop-down options to choose from
    • Checkboxes: Allows you to add checkbox options to choose from
    • Radio Buttons: Allows you to add radio button options to choose from
    • Section Break: Adds a section break to the form
    • Reply Email: Allows a reply email to be entered
    • Date/Time: Allows a date/time on the form
    • File Upload: Allows files to be uploaded
    • Image: Allows an image to be added
    • Link: Allows the addition of a link
    • Text: Allows for a text section
  6. Click Save Changes

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