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Migrate Forms to a New Category

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This article will show you how to migrate forms to a new category.

Important Notes

  • Previously Submitted Data
    • When you migrate a form from the Forms Module to Form Center, all previously submitted data will transfer to Form Center with the form.
    • User-submitted data will still be available to sort, view, print, and export in the Forms module.
  • Previously Linked Forms
    • Any links to the form that already existed before the migration will still work, even if they look different than the new link to the form.
    • The link to the migrated form will not look the same as it did previously.
    • All links will still work despite the new look.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Form Center
  2. Select the Legacy Forms tab
  3. Select Bulk Actions
  4. Select Place in a new category and type in the new name
  5. Check the boxes next to the forms you wish to migrate to the new category
  6. Select Migrate
  7. Select Ok on the pop-up message
    • Check your forms to ensure that they are formatted correctly and make any changes if necessary
    • Publish the migrated forms using the Action drop-down to make them available to the public

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