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The RSS Widget displays preset RSS feeds on your page.


Important Note

Not all feeds are compatible with the RSS widget. For example, items in feeds from sites that use RSS version 1 will not display in the RSS widget. Some feeds will only work in an RSS reader but will not display in the RSS widget. This is due to options being disabled by the RSS host. In this case, contact the RSS host for the preferred display method.

Feeds that contain HTML tags within the feed items may not display correctly if the feed does not also provide closing tags within that item. This can appear as extra space or formatting that was not intended.



  1. Navigate to site page you want to add the RSS widget to

  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On

  3. Select Widgets tab

  4. Select Modules

  5. Drag and drop the RSS widget onto your page

  6. Set the Widget options
    • Skin: Choose the skin for your widget
    • Header Text: Type a custom heading into the field
    • Option Set: Choose the desired option set. Typically there is only the Default Set unless you have previously set more up with CivicPlus
    • Display: Choose how many Graphic Links will show at any given time within the Widget
    • Feed URL: Paste feed URL here
    • Feed Image: Select to upload an image
    • Feed Upload Image: Find an image on your computer and add it to the page
    • Advanced Options
      • Push: Decide if you want to apply the settings for this widget to all versions of this page and/or if you want to place a copy of this widget on all the subpages of this page
      • Push Options: Determines which side of the existing widgets it will place this widget when pushing to the other versions/subpages

  7. Click the X in the top right of the box to close

  8. Click Save at the top of the page

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