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The Template message type in CivicSend allows you to add photos, text, columns, and customize the layout. This is primarily for Newsletters, Press Releases, etc. 


  1. Create a New Message
  2. In Step 1, ensure you indicate the Message Type as a Template
  3. Click Continue at the bottom of the page
  4. Select your template
    • Flexible Template with Banner: Allows you to have a banner at the top and select the content sections for the rest
    • Flexible Template without Banner: Allows you to have a template without a banner and select the content sections for the rest
    • Additional Responsive Templates: Allows you to use preset templates for ease of use
    • Include Sharing Links: Allows the recipient to share the message on via email, Facebook, or Twitter
  5. At the bottom of the page, select Save & Continue
  6. Create the rest of the message
    • Note: You can click in a content area allows to edit the content, including text size, color, and font.
  7. Send your message

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