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The Intranet allows you to post secure information onto your website. In order for an individual to view the information, they have to sign in to the site. Examples of what you would post to the Intranet include: 

  • HR Forms
  • Employee Only Calendars and Documents
  • Pre-Approved Council / Commission Packets

In order for the Intranet to work properly on a website, you need to achieve three tasks:

  • Create a Front-End Group for the Intranet
  • Create or assign Users as members of this Front-End Group
  • Assign “View” Permission to this Front-End Group

Important Note

  • We do not recommend using Save and Push Down. 


  • In order to make a Page or Module accessible to only a specific Front-End group, you must remove “View” (V) permission for that component from the Guest
    • The Guest group handles all anonymous visitors to your website, so removing View permissions for the Guest group will make that component inaccessible to the public without a login.
    • Make sure that you’re very careful that you’re removing View permission for the correct Page/Category
  • In order to be able to remove View permissions for the Guest group for Module categories, you must first remove them at the Module-level permissions using the top Permissions
    • If you do so, do not choose Save & Push Down. 

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