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This article will show you how to add an initiative.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Community Voice

  2. Select Add Initiative in the right-hand side

  3. Fill in the information
    • Name: Name of the initiative on the public side
    • Description: Brief description of what is in the initiative
    • Icon: Choose an icon that appropriately fits your initiative
    • Permissions: Give different levels of access to the topic you are creating
      • View: If the category is intended to be public, you do not need to worry about having this option checked for each group; if the category is intended to be private, View allows the users to see the category when logged in
      • Author: Allows the users in that group to create forms in this category, but they must submit them to a Publisher to make them available for public access
      • Publisher: Access to publish within the category
      • Owner: Automatically has all access above as well as owner rights to properties in the module
  4. Select a saving option
    • Save: Will save the changes without publishing to the live site
    • Save and Publish: Will save the changes and publish to the live site
    • Save and Send (Authors only): Will save the changes and send for approval 
    • Cancel: Will delete all of your work

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