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Modify FAQ Categories

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This article will show you how to modify a FAQ category. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > FAQs
  2. Select Choose an Action > Properties next to your desired category
  3. Modify the information
    • Category Name: Create a category name
    • Start Display: Enter a display date to auto-publish the category
      • Note: A blank date will immediately publish the category.
    • End Display: Enter an end display date to auto-unpublish
      • Note: A blank date will leave the category published indefinitely.
    • Number to Display: Maximum number of FAQs that display on a related page
    • Show Archives: Leave as default
    • Template: Choose a template you would like for your category
    • Permissions: Set permissions at the category level
      • View: May view the live side only
      • Author: Submit new items, modify unpublished items
      • Publisher: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify/unpublish published items and publish/reject submitted items
      • Owner: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify/unpublish published items, publish/reject submitted items, create/modify categories and assign category permissions
  4. Scroll to the top and select a save option
    • Save: Saves and publishes the work
    • Save & Submit (Authors only): Saves the work as an unpublished draft and notifies a publisher that it is ready for review

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