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Note: Authors cannot publish forms.



This article will show you how to create a form in Form Center.


Information submitted to any form fields will be transmitted via email for administrator notification and thus are not eligible to be adequately protected sensitive information. For this reason, do not request the following information on any forms:

  • Bank Account Information
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Business ID Numbers
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Medical Information
  • Passport Numbers
  • Passwords
  • Routing Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax ID Numbers
  • W2 or Other Tax Information

Important Note

You must have an existing category in order to create a new form. If you do not have an existing category, please refer to our article Create a Category.


  1. Go to Modules > Content > Form Center
  2. Select a category to create a form in
  3. Click Add Form
  4. Fill out the fields
    • Name (required): Enter the form name
    • Description: Provide a brief description of the form
    • Type: Select Regular, ePayment, or External Submission
    • Submit Option: Select SubmitPrint, or Submit and Print
      • Note: Submit and Print just means the user has the ability to submit or print, there is no way to force a user to always submit and then print afterward.
    • Confirmation Page: Choose for the system to direct the user to a specific confirmation page
    • Submit To: Type in the email address(es) this form will submit to
    • Force Login: Set to require a user to log in before they can access the form
    • Enable reCAPTCHA: Requires users to select a checkbox prior to form submission
      • Note: This option will reduce the ability for bots to submit forms.
    • Save to Database: Select to make submissions for this form viewable within the module.
    • Receive Email Copy: Allow users to email a copy of the form submission
    • Display: Leave blank to make this form available upon publishing
      • If a Start Date is entered, the form will become available on that date. The form will show as Pending until the date has passed.
      • If an End Date is entered, the form will become inaccessible on that date.
    • Field Area: Drag-and-drop field types and sets onto your field area
  5. Scroll to the top of the page and select Save and Publish


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