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Service URL Configuration and Data Exchange Format


The Service URL property of the External Integration field determines how data is sent between the CivicPlus Form Center module and an external server. The service URL has the following format:{Communication Type}{Web Service URL} 


The communication type can be either XML or HTTP; the details of each communication method are described later in this section. 

  • {xml}{} Uses the XML communication method and will send data to http://www.MySite.Com/MyURL.aspx
  • {http}{} Form Center will send a standard HTTP POST request to
  • {json}{}  Uses the JSON communication method and will send data to http://www.MySite.Com/MyURL.aspx 

XML Document

The first method to send and receive data is by using an XML document to both send and receive the data. Using this method, Form Center creates an XML document and sends it to the external server.  A sample XML document response is formatted in the following manner: 


<field name=”txtAddress” value=”101 N. Main”/>

<field name=”txtName” value=”John Doe”/>


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