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Create a Basic Graphic Link

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This article will show you how to create a basic Graphic Link.



  1. Select Modules > Content > Graphic Links

  2. Select a published category 

  3. Select Add Itemcreate_a_basic_graphic_link_add_item.jpg

  4. Fill in the fields
    • Insert Image: To upload a graphic saved on your computer
    • Insert Fancy Button: To create a custom button in the module; this will present you with various options to begin creating your own button
    • Insert a Mouse Over Image: The image that renders when hovering over the graphic link on the front-end, if applicable
    • Link: Insert the relative or full URL for this graphic link
      • Open in new window: Open the link in a new window
    • Display:
      • Starting On: The date you would like this Graphic Link to display on the public side
      • Stopping On: The date you would like this Graphic Link to come off and unpublish itself from the public side
    • Note: Make sure that the graphic you’ve created matches the size and design of other graphics in the same category.

  5. Select a saving option at the top of the page
    • Cancel: Will delete what you have added
    • Save: Will save without publishing to the live site
    • Save and Publish: Will save an publish to the live site
    • Save and Submit: Will save your link and submit to a publisher for review and publication (only available to Authors)

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