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This article will show you how to add an item to Info Advanced.


  1. Select Modules > Content > Info Advanced
  2. Select a published category you would like to add an item to
  3. Select Add Item
  4. Fill out the appropriate information
    • Item Name: Name of the item
    • Display Text: Item information you would like displayed
    • Display Dates: Choose when you would like the item to display
      • Note: This is optional. If you leave this blank, will remain published indefinitely.
  5. Scroll to the top and select a save option
    • Cancel: Will delete all work that was done
    • Save: Will save the changes without publishing to the live site
    • Save and Publish: Will save the changes and publish to the live site

Note: Remember to view how large the current Info Advanced item is, as all sites have different sized Info Advanced dimensions based on their use. If you create one that is too large or small, it will affect the overall look and feel of your site.

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