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This article will show you how to modify categories in Info Advanced.


Important Note

  • You must publish and include at least one published Info Advanced item in a category before it appears on the live site. If it still does not appear, ensure that it relates to the proper page(s) and that the page(s) feature column is turned on.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Info Advanced

  2. Select Choose an Action > Properties next to the desired category

  3. Make modificationsmodify_info_advanced_categories_modify_fields_1.jpgmodify_info_advanced_categories_modify_fields_2.jpg
    • Category Name: Edit the category name
    • Start Date: Enter a start date if you want the item to auto-publish at a later date
      • Note: If left blank, the item will publish immediately.
    • End Date: Enter an end date if you want the item to expire and auto-unpublish
      • Note: If left blank, the item will never expire.
    • Permissions: Set permissions
      • View (V): Users can look at the page(s)
      • Author (A): Can edit and create pages, and create new items; work must be approved by a higher-level user
      • Publisher (P): Can edit and create pages, has publishing and unpublishing rights, can approve work from authors
      • Owner (O): Has the right to create new pages, move existing pages, set feature columns on pages, modify existing pages, and approve work from authors

  4. Scroll up and select Save

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