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You can have a separate group for intranet users, which helps your site stay organized and allows the right people to view the right pages. The process to set up intranet users is similar to how you set up regular users. 


  1. Select Modules > Site Tools > User Administration
  2. Select Add User
  3. Fill in the account information
    • First Name: Enter the user's first name
    • Last Name: Enter the user's last name
    • Username: Enter a username
    • Password: Add an initial password, 5 characters or longer; this will be changed when they first sign-in
    • Email Address: Enter the user's email address
      • Note: Email addresses will allow the users to retrieve their password if they forget it as long as they know their username.
      • Note: When you enter the email address, the user's first name and last name will auto-populate.
    • Photograph: Click Add to upload a photo of the user
    • Start Date: Enter the user's start date
    • End Date: Enter the user's end date (if applicable)
  4. Scroll past Back-End Groups and check the appropriate Front-End Groups
    • Note: A group must be published in order for the assigned permission to be active.
  5. Click Save and Publish at the top of the pageset_up_an_intranet_user_save_and_publish.jpg

Note: LDAP, ADFS, etc. are frequently set-up for intranets. If you are interested in this, please review our Single Sign-On section.

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