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This article will show you how to add a job category.

Important Note

  • A category must be published and have at least one published job on it before it will show on the live side of the website.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Jobs
  2. Select Add Category 
  3. Fill in the appropriate information
    • Category Title: Displays the name of the Job Category
    • Description: Provides a description of the Job Category in the Notify Me module if you choose to allow subscribers to this Job Category. The forward public side of the website will show this description.
    • Template: Allows you to choose a template for items in the category
    • Email List: Check the box to be able to send updates to this list
    • Allow Subscribers: Check to allow users to subscribe to job postings in the Notify Me module
      • Note: You must have the Notify Me module for this function.
    • Allow SMS: Check to allow users to subscribe to SMS notifications
    • Show Archives: Display archives as visible to the public
    • Start Date: The default is blank and indicates the category will be available immediately upon publication; enter a start display date to auto-publish at a later date
    • End Date: The default is blank and indicates the category will remain published until unpublished manually; enter an end date if you want the item to expire and auto-unpublish
    • Permissions: Setting permissions at the category level is suggested
      • View: May view the live side only
      • Author: Submit new items and modify/delete unpublished items
      • Publisher: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify published items and accept/reject submitted items
      • Owner: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify/delete published items, accept/reject submitted items, create/modify categories and assign category permissions
  4. Select a saving option
    • Save Changes: Will save the work as an unpublished draft
    • Save Submit: Will save the work as an unpublished draft and notify a publisher that it is ready for review (option is for Authors only)
    • Save Publish: Will save the work and publish it for viewing
    • Cancel: Will delete what you’ve done

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