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Sorting Options for News Flash


Sorting options give you flexibility on how News Flash items display. You can also enable date-sorting options for News Flash.

This functionality can be accessed via the main News Flash page. The page will now include a drop-down menu option to allow users to sort content by Most Recently Posted. There is also now an option to set the default News Flash content sort order for the page.

If you do not see this option on your News Flash page, please have the Primary Contact on your account contact us to turn it on.

News Flash Widget Sorting

Content items within the News Flash widget can display by Most Recently Posted rather than display by category. You may also choose to show the publish date and/or the category within the widget.

To utilize this News Flash sorting functionality, you must create it as an option set. You can create option sets if you have Design Center Pro, or you can contact us for assistance.


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