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This article will show you how to add and configure Promo Codes to the ePayment Center, specifically for the legacy payment gateway providers of Heartland, Elavon, PayPal and any other payment gateway exposed through the CivicPlus generic gateway API.

Important Note

  • The capability described within this article is for CivicEngage only. It is important to note this article does not apply to CP Pay or the CP Pay Merchant.
  • CivicPlus no longer supports the provision of legacy ePayment Center payment gateways, such as Heartland, Elavon, PayPal. All new payment gateway setups must be with CP Pay, either the CP Pay Merchant or one of the supported payment gateways.
  • CP Pay and CP Pay Merchant are together the CivicPlus preferred payment solution where you can create a secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway for your online services. To learn more about our preferred payment solution, please visit CP Pay.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > ePayment Center 
  2. Select the Promo Codes tab
  3. Select Add a Promo Code
  4. Fill in the fields
    • Code: Enter Code (limit of 10 characters)
    • Discount:
      • Choose either percentage (%) or dollar amount ($) in the drop-down list
      • Enter a value for the discount
      • Enter a value for the maximum amount
    • Available: Enter the dates you wish for the code to be available to customers
    • Limit: Enter a limit for coupon use, or leave the field blank for no limit
    • Note: When you develop a promo code, total transaction amounts must be above the minimum transaction amount or be established as 100% of the transaction amount. This is to account for any processing fees associated with a transaction.
  5. Scroll to the top and select Save or Save and Publish
    • Save: Saves work, does not publish
    • Save and Submit: (Authors-only) Saves work, routes to a Publisher for review
    • Save and Publish: Saves work, publishes to public view
  6. View Promo Code information
    • Code ID: Automatically generated based on creation date
    • Code: Your discount code
    • Discount: Percentage/dollar amount and Max 
    • Effective Dates: Starting and Ending Date
    • Redemptions (How many redeemed/Total available redemptions)

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