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This article will show you how to add a category to the Opinion Poll module. 



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Opinion Polls

  2. Select Add Category

  3. Complete the data fields
    • Category Name: Title of category
    • Show Archives: Default will show as Yes or No; leave the setting at default
    • Permissions: Set permissions at the category level
      • View: May view the live side only
      • Author: Submit new items, modify/delete unpublished items
      • Publisher: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify published items, accept/reject submitted items
      • Owner: Publish new items, modify/delete unpublished items, modify/delete published items, accept/reject submitted items, create/modify categories, assign category permissions

  4. Select Save And Publish at the top of the page
    • Note: In order to show on the live side, both the category and at least one item in the category must be published. If it still does not show up, ensure the category is related to the proper page and the feature column for the page is turned on.

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