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Users may add HTML anchors to a page to help assist readers with navigation. Anchors are shortcut links that lead from one section of a page to another section on the same page.


  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add anchors to
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Select the Widgets tab on the left-hand side
  4. Drag-and-drop the Editor widget to your page
  5. Create your content in the normal Editor screen
  6. Click the HTML/Code View option on the toolbar
  7. Scroll to the section you want to navigate to and add the HTML attribute id="hello" next to the words you want to link to within a page. 
    • Note: Replace the second name with a more specific code. Leave the quotation marks as part of the code.
  8. Scroll to the part you want users to click on to get to a different section and add the HTML code <a href="#name">[text]</a> next to the words you want to link to
    • Note: Again, replace name with a more specific code, and leave the quotation marks and pound sign/hashtag.
    • Note: Ensure that after the text you close the HTML link with a </a>.
  9. Re-click on the Code View button to return to the regular view
  10. Ensure that one of the sections is a link and the other appears as just plain text
  11. Click the Green Checkmark to exit the Editor
  12. Navigate to the top of the screen and select Save
  13. View your page in Preview Mode
  14. Click on the Anchor link and ensure that it directs to your desired section 

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Michael Jacoby

    Hello, I'm finding this confusing to follow. The example from step 7 to step 8 don't really match (step 7 uses Upcoming Event as the name and Step 8 uses More Events as the name.
    And I think the code in step 7 isn't correct, it doesn't match the screenshot. When I did try this, although I think I figured out what the instructions were trying to show, the anchor doesn't really anchor to the correct area of the page.

  • Avatar
    David Streb

    The anchor attribute appears to work correctly on a phone (or with a narrow browser display on a desktop) but not on a regular browser screen. As a result, we can't really "cheat" on the location of the id or label tag to make it work accurately on the desktop because then it would be off on a mobile device. Is there a workaround for this?