Content Page vs. Linked Page vs. Version


A page, in general, is the record of the page in relation to others on the sitemap - this record is a number.

  • Example: is page number 200.

Page with Content

Add widgets to the page by using drag-and-drop widgets from your widgets tab (in live edit) and releasing them on the page.

Linked Page

Check the box to make it so that this page links to another page or website. Once you place a check next to Linked Page more options will appear.

  • Link: To link to an existing page within your website start typing the page title or the ID number into the field. You may also copy-and-paste a page or website’s address in the field. Hint: Your link should always start with a “/” for all internal pages or “http://” for all external pages.
  • Use Menu: Placing a check here will make it so that the sub-menu items that show up underneath the page that they link to, also show up under this page in the menu.

In order to have any public-facing content, you will need to have a version (or versions) which is the actual content and what gets displayed to the public.


A version is a copy of the content, that can be changed and updated, and is eligible to be published. Different copies/versions can have different statuses.

  • Published (no tag): A published version
  • Draft: A version of the page that is not visible to the public but is eligible for publishing at any time
  • Pending: Is already published but has a start date selected that is in the future, so the status will be pending until that date comes to pass

For example, you will have a published version of the content that the public can see, and you may have another draft version that is a work-in-progress until you choose to publish it.

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