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This article is meant to share the exact Best Practices that CivicPlus Content Developers use in the Content review phase. We want to share this guide to provide transparency on our guidelines, which should provide a further understanding of the Final Content Report.

Content Best Practices

The CivicPlus Best Practices Guide is a checklist for implementing accessibility principles within the CivicEngage content management system (CMS) to achieve Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) conformance and optimize content usability. Content Editors apply the guide to client content during Content Migration and Optimization. Application of the guide is reviewed during Quality Control and the Content Editor is given a Quality Score based on the outlined scoring criteria. 

Features of Best Practices

The attached Guide has sections that cover:

  • Compliance: ADA, Section 508, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Compliance: Images & Text
  • In-House Formatting Consistency: Images, Pages, Text
  • In-House Formatting Navigation: Bucket Pages, Navigation, Site Maps
  • In-House Formatting Module & Widget Consistency: Titles, Modules, Widgets
  • Editing: Capitalization, Punctuation, Spacing

Helpful Modules for Content Creation

Top modules to create content: 

Best Practices Guide

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