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The Layout tab will allow you to effect what banners show up for your themes, choose between a simple layout or inherit a layout, and the themes of the page.


  1. Navigate to the page and page version you would like to edit the layout for
  2. Turn on Live Edit
  3. Navigate to Layout
  4. Make appropriate changes
    • Layout: Choose the layout you would like for your page
      • Home: Will take the homepage layout
      • Interior: Will take the interior layout
      • Simple: Will take the simple layout, without left-hand navigation
    • Feature Column: Check to display the feature column on this page
    • Theme: Choose the theme you would like your page to be modeled after
    • banner1: Choose the banner that you would like on your page
    • banner2: Choose the second banner that you would like on your page
  5. Select Save Layout Changes

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