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Page Naming Best Practices

Naming Files 

  • Intuitive Naming: File names should be intuitive
    • By keeping the naming intuitive and simple, users can easily search and find any documentation on the website.
  • Simple File Names: File names should only contain letters, numbers, and the underscore (_) if space is needed
    • Spaces and special characters cannot be read by all software. To avoid conflicts, it is best to always use a simple file name that does not include any spaces or special characters.
  • Short File Names: File names should not exceed 25 characters
    • Most fields in modules that accept documents have a character size limit to ensure optimal functionality. To keep files compatible with any module, limit the file name to 25 characters or less.

Global Naming

Global navigation categories should be as broad and overarching as possible; e.g., government, services, about us, visitors, business, etc.

CivicPlus recommends this best practice to ensure the categories are broad enough to encompass many topics and flexible enough to accommodate future needs and updates; if an item does not house navigation below it, it is better suited for the left navigation, graphic button, or under another global. For example, if “Council” is a global navigation category, it limits the type of information users will expect to find under it. The broader label “Government” allows for the grouping of similar types of information.

Page Naming

The naming of pages, files, and links should be intuitive, simple, and concise.

  • Simple and intuitive naming practices will limit any user misunderstanding the purpose of a global navigation item.
  • Resource: Category Names to Avoid by Hoa Loranger with the Nielsen Norman Group

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