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In Live Edit, you have access to the Properties tab. The properties tab allows you to change menu text, hide pages, choose if you would like archives to be viewable and set permissions for users to edit the page and sub-pages.

This article will show you how to navigate through the Properties, Permissions, and Workflow options in the Properties tab on a page.


  1. Navigate to your desired page
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Select the Properties tab
  4. View Properties
    • Menu Text: Link text that displays in the site's menus
      • Note: It also generates the page's URL and should be as short as possible.
    • Always Use Page Title for Menu Text: Menu Text will automatically match the Page Title when submitted or saved page versions are published
    • Hidden: Hide this page from displaying in site menus
      • Show in Sitemap: Will appears when the Hidden checkbox is checked, allows you to show the hidden page in your sitemap
    • Archives Visible: Make archived versions visible to the public
    • Hide Page Title: Hide the Page/Version Title for this page
    • Department Header: Select to Make this page a Department Header
      • Note: If enabled, and the Search Widget is configured to allow it, it will be possible to search only Department Header-related content.
    • Enable SAML Login: Depending on how your site is set up, you may or may not view this option
  5. View Permissions
  6. View Workflow
  7. Click Save Page Changes to finalize any changes 

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Alexis Scott

    Should this include Workflow information as well?

  • Avatar
    Megan Underwood

    Please include a screenshot with this article.

  • Avatar
    Melanie Benzel

    There's some confusion for my users about why the title doesn't change in the side-bar navigation when they change the page title. It would be nice if this help article include some screenshots or a video to show them where they need to go to make the change. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jackson Wright

    Hi Alexis and Megan,

    The article has been updated to include information on each of the tabs (Properties, Permissions, & Workflows) with supplemental screenshots and video.

    Thank you,

    Your Help Center Team