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Photo Gallery

Use Live Edit to View Photo Options

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This article will show you how to edit photos using live edit.


  1. Select Modules > Live Edit > Photo Gallery
  2. Ensure Live Edit is turned on
  3. Select an Album
  4. Find the photo you would like to edit
  5. Select the KAM icon in the top-left corner of the photo to display your editing options
    • Modify: Change the photo or any other information about the photo
      • Title: Allows you to change the title of the photo
      • Photo: Allows you to change the photo
      • Alternate Text: Allows you to add a description of the photo
      • Caption: Allows you to add a caption of the photo
      • Photo Credit: Allows you to add the photographers' name
      • Featured?: Check this if you would like the photo featured
      • Link: Allows you to add a link
      • Display: Allows you to choose when the photo is displayed
      • Save Changes: Allows you to save the changes made to the photo
    • Move: Click the arrows up or down to change the order of the questions
    • Copy Link: Will copy the URL of this photo to use to make hyperlinks in other areas
    • Copy: Will allow you to copy and make changes, if necessary, and put it in another album
    • New Item: Will allow you to add another photo to the album
    • Unpublish: Will put the photo in draft status on the Admin side and not display it on the public side
    • Delete: Will delete your photo from the public side and Admin side

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