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In the Quick Links module, clients can choose to have as many Quick Link categories as they need. Each Link category (e.g. Parks and Rec Links, Police Links) can 'live' on as many pages as it needs to, but will filter back into the main Quick Links module page. When Quick Links are on any page besides the homepage and the Quick Links module page, they will be placed on the right-hand side of the page or in the feature column (the feature column must be turned on). 


  • Organize Quick Links by category
  • Provide links to important information, documents, or related websites, cutting down on phone calls and foot traffic
  • Change the order and placement of Quick Links on a page
  • Set Quick Links to auto-publish/unpublish 
  • Place the same Quick Links on one or more related pages

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Article Feedback

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    Wes Searcy

    I don't feel I have a good general concept of what a Quick Link does or its general function/purpose.

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    Becca Drake

    Hi Wes,

    A quick link is a button or hyperlinked phrase often used as a way to navigate to different websites or pages within a website. An example of a quick link would be those that are listed in the Recent Articles section or the Other Articles section on the left of this article. It allows your users to navigate to popular areas of your site with ease!

    I hope this helps, we will work on expanding this knowledge in a walk-through article shortly.

    Thank you,
    Your Knowledge Management Team