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Who can use this feature?

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Note: Residents can also create a profile in My Dashboard.




This article will show you how to create a profile in My Dashboard. 


Important Notes



  1. Go to the site you want to make a profile on

  2. For a new member click on the Create an Account button at the top of the page

  3. Fill out the required information
    • First Name (required): Enter your first name
    • Last Name (required): Enter your last name
    • Email (required): Enter your primary email address
    • Display Name: Use this field if you do not want to display your real name
    • Make my profile private: Select Yes to hide your profile
    • About Me: Describe yourself (500 character limit)
    • Photo: Click Browse to upload a profile picture from your computer
      • Don't Display a Profile Photo: Click this option to not display a photo
    • I agree to the policies, terms, and conditions (required): Check this option to agree to the above policies, terms, and conditions
    • reCaptcha: Click through a reCaptcha to confirm your profile

  4. Click Create Profile when all information is completed

  5. Once you create the profile you will have access to the My Dashboard module as well as access to other modules 

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