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This article will show you how to modify an existing News Flash item.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > News Flash
  2. Select the Category that contains the News Flash you want to modify
  3. Select the News Flash item you want to modify
  4. Modify fields
    • Basic fields:
      • Display: Configure Starting On (publishing) and Stopping On (expiration) date and times
      • Title: Modify the title
      • Lead In: Brief synopsis describing the item; will show in the notification email
        • Note: 255 character limit
      • Full Text: Full description of item; will not show in the Notification email but will be accessible via link
    • Additional details:
      • "Read on..." Text: Add any additional "read more" text
      • Link: Add a Web Address and Display Text
        • Open in new window: Check to open the link in a new window
      • Show Archives: Choose to show Archives (yes/no)
      • Image: Click Choose Image to add an image
        • Align: Choose how to align the image (left or right)
        • Modify: Click to choose a different image
        • Remove: Click to remove the image
  5. Select a saving option at the top of the page
    • Save and Preview: Save and view a preview of the item
    • Save: Save as a draft
    • Save & Submit (Authors only): Save and send for approval
    • Save and Publish (Drafts only): Publish the News Flash
      • Note: If you Save and Publish a News Flash with a Starting On date in the future, it will appear as Pending until it reaches the Starting On date. It will then publish on the specified Starting On date.
    • Save and Send (Published only): Send the News Flash with your modifications
  6. If you chose Save and Publish or Save and Send, then configure Notification options
    • Subject: Auto-fill with the subject information; will show in the notification email
    • Comments: Attach a brief description of the alert; will show in the notification email
      • Note: 1000 character limit
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Edit the auto-filled SMS message
      • Note: 160 character limit
    • Include link to item: Check to include a link straight to the News Flash
    • Send:
      • On Start Date: Send on the desired Start Date
      • Immediately: Override the Start Date and send at the current time
    • Send / Don't Send / Cancel: Choose to send, do not send, or cancel the notification

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